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Hi! I'm a senior studying computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. I'm a fun-loving and socially oriented person, with a knack for problem solving. Working together in a team is where I function best; I act as the anchor, keeping everyone motivated and making sure everyone is having a good time. Whether in a team or not, I've tackled topics throughout the full stack, from operating systems up to web development and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Right now, my passion is in algorithms.

When I'm alone, I love exploring the world around me, whether going on hikes, skateboarding, skiing, or just wandering around. As long as I have my music playing of course. With others, I love having deep discussions about any topic, some of my favorites inlcude physics, sci-fi, and biology. Anything that lets me truly get to know the way someone thinks is fascinating to me.



Project 1

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Operating System that supports synchronization variables and different scheduling features to the threading system such as MLFQS and priority scheduling. It supports command line arguments as well as security and access to normal and file syscalls.

Project 2

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Secure File Systems

Cryptographically secure file system that protects confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of any information. Utilizes AES-CBC symmetric key encryption, El Gamal asymmetric key encryption, MAC symmetric key signatures, and RSA asymmetric key signatures.

Project 3

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Ray Tracer

Physically-based image renderer that fires virtual rays of light to map out images. It supports diffuse materials, mirrors, glass, microfacets, and depth of field simulation and operates with global illumination and is controlled with Russian Roulette continuation.

Relevant Coursework

CS70/170/176: Algorithms

A set of classes that covers algorithms from dynamic programming, linear programming, and NP-complete problems to bioinformatics and discrete math.

CS161: Cryptography & Security

Covers the suite of modern security paradigms and encryption/signing methods to perfect confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity.

CS162: Operating Systems

Work in teams to implement core features of operating systems including semaphore synchonization, exec and wait syscalls, and inodes to handle files

CS184: Graphics & Computer Vision

Using free public graphics frameworks in C++ and other sources like OpenGL, the class worked us through rasterization, ray-tracing, and cloth simulations.

CS186: Databases

A bootcamp course on DBMS taught primarily with SQL and Java that highlights the complexities of the ACID properties of a database.

CS188: AI & Machine Learning

Introductory course into designing AI agents using search algorithms, Q-learning, value iteration, and probabilistic networks using Bayes' Theorems.

CS168: Networking

Goes in depth into all the common internet protocols like TCP, IP, and TSL and the inspirations and complex histories for their design.

CS160: UI & UX

Poject class that bootcamps you through web programming, with the final project to create a working chrome extension with HTML, CSS, JS, and JQuery.

CS61A/61B/61C: Introductory CS Classes

Suite of introductory courses that covers all topics, some of which include data structures, frames, machine code, algorithms, and more.

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Berkeley, CA
Phone: (909) 282-2498
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